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The lifecycle of your project:

1. Quoting and confirmation


Because we aim to tailor our products to each client's unique needs, especially for larger projects, we like to first discuss the scope of the project, the budget and the deadline. We may ask to see the document(s) before proceeding to be able to provide our clients with a more accurate quote and timeframe.

Once a quote and deadline are agreed upon, we confirm we have received all the necessary documents for the project, including source files, terminology or translation memory files and any reference materials. Should any files need to be converted to a different format to expedite the translation process, the client will be notified.


2. Translation

During the translation process, we firmly believe in keeping an open dialogue with clients should any questions, inconsistencies in text or terminology or any other issues arise. We feel it is much better practice to double-check and make sure while the translation is ongoing than to make assumptions and return an end product that could have been optimised through communication.

3. Proofreading and delivery


Once the translation is completed it will be thoroughly proofread, revised and edited before it is delivered. If requested, a translation report can also be delivered. Third-party English language proofreading and editing are available upon request.

Once the final translation is delivered, we remain available to answer any questions pertaining to the translation.

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